"I've been with Keyword Stars since about 2005. They actually understand quality traffic and won't put your entire business in jeopardy of a Google penalty. Since they've taken over our Adwords, our conversions are up more than 30%. We couldn't be happier."

Rich Ellis

Rich Ellis

Managing Partner @ Sotheby's Realty

You’ll Make More Money

From Organic SEO to Pay Per Click,
we'll help you discover the keywords that
will produce the highest return on
investment you've ever had.

You'll Have A Team Obsessed
With Optimizing

Combining our deep Organic SEO and PPC
knowledge with our obsession to optimize for conversions, we bring the best of all worlds together
to scale your business in the most profitable way possible.

After being put through the toaster oven of SEO agencies that outsource or simply suck, I finally found a winner with Keyword Stars. Michael and his team are amazing and I've finally found a company to stick with.


President @ Boat Depot

We help our clients
grow their business


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