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You'll outrank your competitors on the major search engines
through our use of modern day SEO strategies, best practices, more than a decade of experience and millions of dollars in testing. Our clients dominate the organic search listings and maintain top rankings for mission critical keywords.

Transparency, Clarity and Performance

Month To Month

We let the results do the talking. That’s why we don’t force our clients into any long-term contracts.

It’s All Yours

We're confident in our abilities, and we'll never give you a reason to leave. In the event you do, everything we've created will always be yours to keep.

Proven SEO Techniques

Our strategies are far less risky than the competition. We won't risk your site being penalized, ever.

Quicker SEO Results With Proven Strategies

Part of our success in building and growing our clients’ brands is in the custom options we offer them when it comes to SEO. No two clients are alike, and one-size SEO does not fit all.

Considerations include budget, target audiences, product sensitivities, seasonality issues and a host of other concerns that are particular to each business enterprise.

Armed with this knowledge - and given our insane amount of experience in the SEO field - we offer emerging, as well as established brands a sustainable SEO solution.

On-page optimization first.
Then backlinks, backlinks,
and more backlinks.

Search engine optimization is broken down into two parts. The stuff on your pages and the backlinks that point to them. In reality, when your on-page optimization is completed, the sole focus should be building great backlinks. Nothing will move you up faster than great backlinks.

Local SEO Included

Unlike most companies, we never charge extra for local SEO services. Anything that falls under the local umbrella, such as Google My Business and Bing Places listings, are included with your SEO program.

"I've been with Keyword Stars since about 2005. They actually understand quality traffic and won't put your entire business in jeopardy of a Google penalty. Since they've taken over our Adwords, our conversions are up more than 30%. We couldn't be happier."

Oli Gardner

Rich Ellis

Managing Partner @ Sotheby's Realty

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