What We Do

We help businesses scale profitability through the roof via
proven SEO and PPC strategies, creative landing page designs and testing.

Traffic is great.
Conversions are better.

We won't just get you clicks, we'll bring in
conversions that turn into sales. And then we'll obsess over it until it's perfect.

Fully Customized Campaign Options

No cheesy one size fits all service. We'll treat your business as if it were our own.
You tell us exactly what you want and we'll put something together that fits your needs,
desires and budget.

Obsessive Conversion
Optimization Strategies

Just when you think we're done testing,
we test again. And then again and again.
When then numbers improve, we do it again!

And plenty more...

Quality SEO/PPC Traffic

Traffic is great but quality traffic
pays the bills. We'll work our tails off
to bring you the most relevant traffic
with the greatest intent to convert.

Display/Retargeting Services

Bring back visitors that failed to convert
and attract new customers at lower costs
than other channels.

Competitive Pricing

We're not cheap but we guarantee
your revenue will increase significantly beyond
the flat retainer you pay us.

Conversion Experts

We carefully craft layouts and copy
that gets your visitors taking action
and converting.

Complete Ownership

Your accounts, your SEO, your PPC. You keep it
all. Even if we part ways.

Competitive Intel

We won't waste time doing what your
competitors have already done 10X. We
always build a foundation around a thorough
review of your competition.

Social Paid Advertising

We find ways to help you scale your
profits via Facebook, Linkedin and
Twitter paid advertising channels.

Serious Call Tracking

Take the guess work out of the equation.
We track every phone call down to the
keyword, day, time and location.

Custom Reporting

No useless reporting templates. We
hand-write personalized, simple to understand
reports every month.

Our People Are Our Tools

We never rely on semi-accurate 3rd
party tools or reporting. We rely on our people
and our people are the best in the business.

"I've been with Keyword Stars since about 2005. They actually understand quality traffic and won't put your entire business in jeopardy of a Google penalty. Since they've taken over our Adwords, our conversions are up more than 30%. We couldn't be happier."

Oli Gardner

Rich Ellis

Managing Partner @ Sotheby's Realty

We help our clients,
get more clients


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